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Make Sure to Keep Your Gas Tank Full in These Low Winter Temperatures

Now that we are heading into the long winter months, it is important to keep in mind that the dropping temperatures will affect your vehicle, and what you should be doing about it.

For example, in these lower temperatures, it is more important than ever to keep your gas tank full. The reason for this is that when your tank is left empty, there is more room for air in it. With the cold temperatures that we will be experiencing this season, that increases the chances for condensation. That condensation can drip down and eventually reach your fuel lines, where…

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Invest in Winter Wiper Blades

While you may not think winter wiper blades are all that different from you the blades your car currently uses, this is far from true. Normal wiper blades are weaker, less durable and have a habit of leaving streaks on cars' windshields in cold weather. If your windshield is covered in streaks, then you will have a much harder time staying safe on dangerous snowy and icy roads.

Investing in some high-quality winter wiper blades may be the best thing you do for your visibility on the road this winter. You won't have to worry about streaks anymore, as…

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A Lack of Tread Risks Your Safety and the Safety of Others

When it comes to the amount of tread on your tires, knowing certain measurements can really help out. Sometimes though you just have to wing it and a sure-fire way of telling if your tires need to be replaced or not is by using a penny. Simply place the penny inside of the thread on your tires, and if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it is your tires that you need to replace.

Having little to no tread on your tires can not only be a danger to you it can also be a danger to…
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Schedule a routine oil change for your car today

Any responsible car owner will make sure to keep up with regular oil changes. Why is this? Oil will keep the moving parts of the car in good shape always. Its role is that of lubricating parts to ensure there is less friction between moving parts.


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The question then is, why do you have to change oil regularly? Over time oil will break down from its normal chemical formation, meaning that it will

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